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Your goods are in the best of hands: at Cargo Compass we meticulously take care of every process related to shipping, from analysis, import or export, to the choice of the most appropriate means of transport. We also support you with customs and insurance practices, and we can provide door-to-door delivery. Whatever the destination, we help you reach it in the best possible way.

Shipping service

Cargo Compass offers Import/Export services with shipments by air, sea, land and rail:

  • Direct and consolidated shipments
  • Shipping of dangerous goods
  • Special Equipment (open top container, flat rack, breakbulk, outsized items)
  • Handling of large plants and special projects
  • Refrigerated solutions
  • Management of dangerous and perishable goods.

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Customs service

A team of experts on national and international customs regulations is at your disposal for:

  • Customs advice and assistance
  • Issuing of ministerial Import/Export licenses
  • Preparation of export declarations and control of customs entries
  • Releases for free circulation

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Warehouse Logistics

You can benefit from our large customs warehouse for storage, transit and warehousing of goods at our hubs in Livorno and Milan. Our main services are:

  • Re-packaging
  • Labelling/marking and control systems
  • Industrial packaging
  • Partial load management with direct service
  • Security checks at our warehouses (X-ray service)

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3.5t express vans

Do you need to transport your goods to their destination carefully and quickly? Our service with 3.5t express vans can arrange shipping in just 3 hours from the request:

  • Immediate response for urgent shipments, coverage in Europe
  • Fast and discreet service, suitable for shipments of a small volume

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Consulting Service

Efficient transport starts with the study and planning of mobility. We can support you with:

  • Information and advice on new laws and regulations for international trade
  • Consulting for AEO
  • Advice on setting up an internal customs office
  • Management of declarations of intent
  • Organization for dangerous shipments (e.g. lithium batteries, explosive or flammable goods)

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Transport of valuable goods with escorting

If the valuable goods need a special transport, we can provide a shipment accompanied by our expert staff to the place of delivery:

  • Use of special means of transport and dedicated personnel
  • Reliability of security procedures from loading to delivery

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Temperature-controlled consolidated shipments

Do you need to handle products at a controlled temperature? Whether refrigerated or frozen, we can guarantee that your shipments are handled with the care your goods need:

  • Constantly monitored temperature
  • Optimization of loading/unloading and storage processes

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General Cargo Consolidated Shipments

We consolidate shipments and take care of them up to the structural node where they will be shipped. We provide:

  • The most efficient solution to organize your shipment
  • A complete logistic process, from the insurance support to the tracking service

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Special Project and Plant Engineering

In today’s context, transport needs can also be of a particularly complex nature. If you need support for the handling of a special project, Cargo Compass, thanks to experienced and international teams, can offer customized services and consistent with your specific needs. We can support you with services such as:

  • Over-Size transportation
  • Heavy loads
  • Organization of sea and air charters

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