With Cargo Compass you can ship all over the world

We are ready to go wherever you want to bring your business.

Cargo Compass offices around the world

Our numerous Italian offices allow us to be present in the strategic production centres of the national economy. The current company structure includes two hubs – located in Livorno and Milan – which, in addition to warehousing and logistics services, are used for aerial and maritime consolidation on a weekly basis for many destinations around the world.

We are also present abroad with other offices in the United States, China and South America. At Cargo Compass we are proud to offer safe, responsible and affordable logistics shipments. Our global offices and international collaborators located all over the world allow us to create customized and specific service packages, through dedicated teams, to successfully reach all your logistic goals.

Get even more with our WCA partners

WCA is the largest independent freight forwarder network in the world, and we at Cargo Compass are also part of it. An ever-expanding global network connects us to over 7152 member offices in 839 cities and 191 ports around the world! The combined logistic potential of WCA membership surpasses even that of the world’s largest multinational shippers and offers you a great competitive advantage.

As the world’s most powerful freight forwarder network, WCA offers Cargo Compass unprecedented access to quality partners who can increase our logistic power and your business opportunities.

Each member of the WCA network is carefully checked before acceptance, ensuring that only the best companies that offer the highest standards of service are admitted. You can be sure of it: working with a company in the WCA network, you work with the best in the logistics sector.