Our initiatives

Cargo Compass is always ready to participate, especially when it can be a representative for a good cause

Partnership with Danilo Callegari

Danilo Callegari is one of the most famous Italian professional adventurers. For years, after having trained in the Italian Army, he has travelled the world collecting extreme experiences: from the Himalayan glaciers to the waters of Patagonia, Danilo combines air, land and water in his extreme routes, constantly setting increasingly challenging objectives. Brand Ambassadors for Samsung, Land Rover and SMITH Optics, Cargo Compass is the athlete’s official partner along with other well-known brands, committed to providing its services to ensure the success of his activities.

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Partnership with Liter of Light Italia

Liter of Light is a non-profit company that has been working in the eco-sustainable energy sector for years. Its mission is to spread eco-sustainable lighting in economically disadvantaged areas of the world and, in general, to raise awareness about ecological alternatives in the lighting sector. Using the “Bottle Bulb” technology, the company has been working on projects all over the world, but also in Italy, where there are installations that allow to reduce the environmental impact of lighting. Cargo Compass provides its support to this company’s initiatives, proposing itself as a logistics partner to support the implementation of ongoing projects, whether they be national or international.

Sports Sponsorships

Sport is by definition an activity that brings people together, regardless of where they are. The company is always active in the field of sponsorship, because the corporate values of Cargo Compass are very close to sport. As logistics experts, our passion is the racing world, in which Cargo Compass is already active in the sponsorship of Moto2 World Championship teams.

Collaboration with POLIMI

Operating in the logistics sector, where innovation is a key factor for success, Cargo Compass is always willing to help with technological development related projects. In collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, Cargo Compass has therefore provided its logistical support in the construction of a rocket, designed and built by the University: a project for the future carried out by a team of young people, who are the representatives of the future.