Make “zero emissions” shippings

How do you measure the amount of CO2 produced by your shipment? How many trees do you need to plant to offset the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions generated by your activities? Enter your details to get:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions data of your shipment;
  • How many trees you will need to plant to offset your activity;
  • Investment value to realize Italian reforestation projects and certified International projects.

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    Why is carbon offset so important?

    By offsetting the emissions produced by your shipments it is possible to implement a more environmentally friendly shipment with many benefits, including:

    • Increased retention of employees, who are now more and more sensitive to ecological policies implemented by the company they work for;
    • Improvement of the perceived brand image by consumers, also strongly influenced by the social responsibility of the companies they interact with;
    • The possibility to participate concretely in recognized projects in the ecological field and to contribute to the well-being of the community.

    But above all you can take active part in the ecological change that the Planet requires NOW!